Pencil Pleat Heading

Pencil Pleat is the most common of all headings and is the modern version of standard tape or ruffle tape.

A heading tape is Stitched to the top of the fabric and then the cords which are connected to the tape are pulled up to

Ruffle the Fabric to create the Pencil Pleat.

This heading can be found on every pre packaged curtain available but is still sometimes made to measure or bespoke using exclusive fabrics.

This heading is also used for most commercial applications, due to its speed in making up the curtain.

The down side to the Pencil pleat heading is the curtain stack back is very large compared with other heading styles.

Some designers and colour consultants do not understand the pencil pleat heading as they often specify this heading if a pelmet or valance is going to be used, as they think that as the heading is not going to be seen it is OK to use,

but the pencil pleat heading has the worst dressing record, as is very difficult to keep neat and tidy.

On the positive side of this heading, if you want a messy look or a very old traditional look then the pencil pleat heading is for you or if you have a second home and want to keep the cost to a minimum.

Pencil Pleat is nearly always Machine Made and not hand made.