Digital Blinds

Here at Interior Inspirations, we specialise in creating bespoke and customised blinds made for you. We have the ability for you to digitally print your own pattern, design or photo onto any of the 3 blind styles below. You can choose any of the below patterns or plain colours or let your creativity run wild and create a blind to match your personality. Whether you have taken a great photo on your recent holiday or have a specific pattern or design in mind we can do it for you with the exception of printing any Football team logos/designs. You can truly let your creativity run wild and have your personality shine through every element of your
home including your blinds.

Any Colour & Digital Prints

Can’t see the colour you want? We’ve got it covered!

Unique for our Designer Signature Collection, we have the ability to colour match the shade of your blinds with a colour matching service we call Any Colour. On all ranges in Designer Signature, apart from Versailles verticals, you can also choose to digitally print your own pattern or design, creating the perfect blinds to suit your interior design ideas!

New York image on Digital Blind

The Designer Signature Collection is comprised of the following ranges:


Our Avignon range of roller blinds can have a coloured or patterned appearance. The difference of an S:CRAFT blind is the versatility and durability that is just as appropriate in a busy living room or a more formal setting. If you like a clean and simple finish, then you’ll love our Avignon Roller blinds. Choose from our exclusive designs with many shade options, you’re sure to find exactly the right blind for your home.
Avignon Dalhia Watercolour


Our Romex blind collection is a luxurious window dressing that will transform any interior design scheme, creating a focal point in your room. This range combines the look of a soft fabric roman blind, with the pattern and colour variants traditional blinds fabric affords.


The Lyon range of panel blinds is another great option to consider when it comes to covering larger windows. They look particularly stunning in patio doors, or they can double as a functional room divider, instantly transforming one room into two and creating a cosy and intimate space for evening entertainment or a dedicated spot for a bit of privacy when needed!
Panel Blinds
Any colour vertical Blinds Biscotti


The Versailles range of vertical blinds is an ideal choice for large window expanses up to 5 metres and a practical solution for the workplace. Available in a large selection of plain colours in varying levels of privacy and light control.

The sewn-in bottom weights create a truly sleek and modern look, with clean lines and a neat finish. Finished off with a simple and smooth wand control option, making this a safe choice for families with young children or pets.

Choose Your Fabric

After choosing your blind style it is time to choose your fabric. You can choose any colour, design or pattern to add to your blind. You can even choose one of your own photos. This could be a photo of your pet or recent family holiday, the possibilities for what we can do really are endless. You can also speak to our experts for help about deciding on a style that would suit your home. 

any colour digital print